“Silver White Winters That Melt Into Springs”


…these are a few of my favourite things. In a week where Britain’s icy climes have finally been blessed with some blue skies and (dare I mention it) sunshine, we have seen the Oscars (Jean Dujardin, you look even better in colour) and a leap year that left many males quaking in their boots (favourite quote from the 29th goes to my friend’s boyfriend: “I’m not speaking to you today because it’s a leap year and you’re rather rash”). Charming! Please read on for a selection of the bizarre and the brilliant over the past seven days…


Oscars week always garners a lot of column inches, but it’s fairly safe to assume that the majority of these will be assigned to the usual suspects; award-winning films, plunging necklines, appalling gags from a beleaguered host and the annual awkward tearful speech. But this year the press had their headlines before the awards even started: enter Angelina Jolie’s infamous right leg…

Right Let | Angelina Jolie | Red Carpet | Oscars 2012

Hysteria on this level has not been witnessed since Pippa Middleton’s backside slinked up the steps of Westminster Abbey triggering a global jaw-drop. At the time of writing, “the leg” has a Twitter following of over 47,000 and, having beaten off stiff competition from Bradley Cooper’s moustache (@CoopersMustache) and Jennifer Lopez’s nipple (@JLosNipple), is living out its fifteen minutes of fame.

Right Leg | Angelina Jolie | Film Poster | Best Supporting Leg | The Oscars 2012

Right Leg | Angelina Jolie | Statue of Liberty | Oscars 2012

Right Leg | Angelina Jolie | Whistler's Mother | James McNeill Whistler | Oscars 2012

It’s only a matter of time before the left leg experiences it’s own share of the success…

Right Leg and Left Leg | Angelina Jolie | Red Carpet | Brad Pitt | Oscars 2012

It’s Human-Nature

Do trees that multitask as streetlights sound utterly ridiculous? Well, they’re not. Scientists in Taiwan have developed technology that allow leaves to emit a luminescent glow. (For those of you who speak science, this involves infusing the Bacopa Caroliniana plant with gold nanoparticles, causing the chlorophyll to produce a reddish luminescence which creates a phenomenon known as bio-LED.) The project’s supporters argue that this could actually protect the environment as the glowing trees reduce light pollution, save energy and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere 24 hours a day. Winner.

Streetlight Trees | Glowing Bio luminescence | Supernature | Dear Doodle

If that captures your attention then maybe you’ll also be interested in the multi-coloured tulip and tattooed goldfish? The latter is in high demand in countries such as China where prices are sky rocketing.

Rainbow Tulip | What's Next For Nature | Supernature | Dear Doodle

Tattooed Goldfish | What's Next For Nature | Supernature | Dear Doodle

Galaxy Playdough

Galaxy Playdough | How to Make | Arts and Crafts | Dear Doodle

I spent many a childhood afternoon using playdough to make everything from smiley faces to spaghetti. Times have changed; enter Galaxy Playdough. Craft blog Fairy Dust Teaching recommends adding black and blue food colouring along with a spattering of glitter to your homemade mixture to create a magical, starry effect that will have kids entertained for hours.

Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

Ever wondered what it takes to sweep the board at the Oscars? If you’re a budding writer/director/producer/actor, the folks at BriTANicK.com have done all the hard work for you and compiled a showcase of what it takes, admittedly with their tongues firmly in their cheeks. From the “introduction of a character suffering from the most topical disability of the present year” to the “inspiring final lines of a speech that douche-bags will quote in their Facebook profiles”, this trailer covers every base. Don’t forget to “laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh”…

 And Finally…

… I challenge you not to be cheered by these:

Praying Otters | Nature | Dear Doodle

Smiling Owl | Nature | Dear Doodle


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