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Burgers and Nails


Beauty and fast food are not often seen hand in hand… that is, until Burgers and Nails became the the blog of the moment amongst those who (seem to) know. The concept is simple: 1 x burger + 1 x pair of decorated fingernails. The rules are equally simple. Take a photo of yourself with both your burger-of-choice and your imaginative nail art and submit to the site listing the colour and varnish used and details of the burger, including an all-important score out of ten. The site’s unprecedented popularity may be puzzling but wait until you, like many, find yourself falling victim to hours spent browsing the latest in nail stencils and deep fried beef.  Be warned of the potential for a serious burgers and nails addiction…


We love a submission that makes us squeal with glee like this one from Pearypie.<br />
“Barbapapa love burgers!! Hi guys, my name is Pearypie and these little guys are barbapapa.<br />
“The bright barbapapa’s base colours were painted with Essie &amp; OPI and their round eyes and cutey smiles were done by acrylic paint :). Last but not least, I glazed my barbapapas with that lovely glossy finish using ORLY Topcoat!<br />
“These barbapapa love eating Maccy D’s!! And since there are 10 of them, one burger could never enough for them to eat, so I piled together a triple of double-bigMACs, creating a burger tower. All my barbapapa are able to enjoy the burgers from the top to bottom. And for the taste? Barbapapa gave it a 10/10!! YUMYUMYUM :) xxx”

Nailburgerlar met up with The Illustrated Nail and what fun we all had chatting away, getting to know each other only to have time fly! Several hours later, 3 very happy nailburgerlars with spectacular nails jumped for joy at the awesomeness of The Illustrated Nail.<br />
Here is 1/3 of Nailburgerlar’s Burger and Nails post.<br />
The Californian Burger with Guacamole &amp; Emmentel cheese was from The Diner in Hoxton. 7 patties out of 10. The burger pattie tasted a bit watery.<br />
Much Love!<br />
- Jackie Nailburgerlar

It’s my sister in San Francisco! Here’s what she had to say about her double posting of double-doubles from In-N-Out;
“On our way to Phish in Tahoe we stopped for a much needed meal. Knowing that it would probably be the only meal of the day we decided to kick it up a notch and go with the double-double.  Bryna is wearing Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in Bling It On. Her burger, a double-double animal style with extra pickles.  I’m wearing Salley Hansen’s Salon Effects in Wild Child. My burger was a normal double-double with raw onions. Both burgers were a delicious 9/10.”
Thanks my sister! -Bret

All eyes on Blase Party! 
“Evil eye nails. Sally Hansen “Pacific Blue” and Butter London “Rosie Lee”. Painted by my pal Vanessa while on a mini vaycay in Chico, CA where we got burgers from the infamous Burger Hut.”

This amazing nail print was inspired by the stunning Crystal dress by our friends the gorgeous and ethical designers Nancy Dee. Nail Polish is Wild Lilac from Gosh.
The Burger is from Rivington Grill in Shoreditch. I asked for medium rare and boy was it tasty! 8 1/2 out of 10. It’s still one of my favourite burgers yet!


Rise and Shine!


It’s 6.30am and you’re shaken from the blissful realms of sleep by an incessant bleeping far too close to your ear. You reach out, bleary-eyed, and pound your fist down on what you hope is the snooze button – anything to remain within the confines of your all-too-cozy bed. You slip back into dreamy unconsciousness and the next thing you know it’s 7.30 and you are LATE. Cue a 30 second shower, an assortment of mismatched clothing and a caffeine-deprived commute, all easily blamed upon the damned alarm clock. Surely a familiar scenario for many? Well, a few business-savvy individuals identified this gap in the market and each designed their own ‘lie-in-proof’ alternative to the standard alarm. Here are a few of the better ones…

“Houston, we have a problem”

Rocket Alarm Clock | Rise and Shine | Dear Doodle

Instead of using noise to shake off your drowsiness, this model uses a rocket! At a set time a rocket is fired (yes, fired!) into your room and continues to sound until it is returned to the ‘launch pad’. Complete with a countdown and flashing lights, this contraption certainly makes for an interesting start to the morning.

The Classic ‘Hide and Seek’

Hide and Seek Alarm Clock | Rise and Shine | Dear Doodle

Instead of giving you a guaranteed extra ten minutes, snoozing this alarm triggers a game of hide-and-seek, causing it to scurry away into a corner of your room and omit a sleep-shattering noise until you retrieve it.


Army Alarm Clock | Rise and Shine | Dear Doodle

Meet your drill sergeant, the face you’ll be greeted with first thing in the morning as he bellows instructions at you from your bedside table. After starting your day with a rousing rendition of ‘Reveille’ your personalised drill sergeant will bark orders in your direction, motivating you to ‘prepare for battle’. Possibly the most annoying alarm clock you will EVER own but also rather entertaining…


Bomb Alarm Clock | Rise and Shine | Dear Doodle

Channel your inner Jack Bauer with this model which emits a shrill sound until you identify and disconnect the correct wire. Diffuse the ‘bomb’ successfully and the alarm stops; choose the wrong wire and you are greeted by an even more unpleasant sound. Demanding enough brain power to kickstart your day, this alarm promises an adrenalin-filled wake-up call.

You can check out the rest of the selection of alarm clocks right HERE.

Smiling Victorians


Smiling Victorians at the Beach | Smiling Victorians | Dear Doodle

Have you ever seen a picture of a smiling Victorian? When I stumbled across a collection of jovial snapshots from the 19th century I suddenly realised I never had! And why not? There must have been times when “one” was amused by all-in-one stripey swimwear or enjoyed a titter or two over ludicrously disproportionate bicycles. But those moments were rarely captured on film. Instead we are familiar with stern faces and stiff upper lips glaring into the camera lens, a little like this…

Stern Victorian Woman | Smiling Victorians | Dear Doodle

At a time when taking a photo was a far from simple process, where one had to remain perfectly still with one’s grin plastered onto one’s face for at least three seconds, it appears that most Victorians took a more dignified approach and omitted their smiles. In an age of megawatt Hollywood grins where we hound the Kristen Stewarts of this world for refusing to ‘look happy’ all the time, we would be forgiven for thinking that the Victorians had no fun. And that is exactly why I enjoy this collection of photos: they succeed in capturing brief moments of hilarity that would otherwise have gone by unnoticed, highlighting the personalities of these individuals rather than the history they represent. Here are another couple of favourites and you can check out the rest of the collection by following this link.

Smiling Victorian Woman | Smiling Victorians | Dear Doodle

Smiling Victorian Women | Smiling Victorians | Dear Doodle

Smiling Victorian Couple | Smiling Victorians | Dear Doodle

Smiling Victorian Boy | Smiling Victorians