I Can’t Believe It’s Not Photoshop!


We live in a digital age where seeing is not necessarily believing. Two years ago ‘Avatar-fever’ swept the nation, reaching new heights of computer generation by creating a 3D world in which the viewer can partake (at the risk of a pair of fairly ridiculous glasses!) Nowadays we skew reality to our own satisfaction, measuring our happiness against that of our favourite flawless leading lady. Our endless idolatry demands various tools: botox, dumbbells, spanx… But the real irony lies behind the ideal we’re aspiring to. That sleek actress dripping in diamonds with heavenly curves that look like they’ve been sculpted by Michelangelo himself is as much an illusion as Madonna’s youth. And the secret behind these goddesses we place upon pedestals? Photoshop. Yes, that’s right, young girls worldwide worry their way through their teens, aspiring to a fake ideal that doesn’t even exist; an image that is the product of hours of digital mastery. In fact, so much of the material we view has been smoothed, shadowed and ‘beautified’, that when presented with the natural wonders of the world we inhabit our knee jerk reaction is cynicism. What a shame that we are no longer able to appreciate true beauty when we see it. Sometimes a fresh dose of reality itself is all the medicine needed to remind us of what our world was capable of long before we saw it through a computer screen. These ’21 images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped’ are that very reminder. At first glance they may beggar belief but have a browse through the evidence and you will see that when it comes to natural beauty, our digital aid is obsolete.

The Mountain Range with the Dragon Tattoo

Surely the work of some computer whizz cashing in on the success of Sweden’s favourite crime trilogy? Believe it or not this is an actual lake in Portugal, formed many moons before the creation of the species that invented the computers.

A White Christmas

Britain may wince at a few measley flakes of snow but the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Japan receives up to a whopping twenty metres a year! If not for a very impressive snow-balancing-act, every day would be a snow day.


Yes, seriously. Well according to National Geographic, at least. This snap, taken by Robert B. Haas in the Gulf of Mexico, captures the moment a travelling group of flamingos unwittingly created a photographer’s dream.

My Favourite

Unfortunately the laws of science dictate that wood does not act like cement as this picture might have you believe. Instead, these footprints were moulded by a monk who stood in this very same spot to pray every day for twenty years.

For the rest of this mighty collection of ‘photoshop-defying’ photos click right HERE.


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